Appointment cancel

Cancel appointment - this is how it works

Life cannot always be planned! For this I and my team have the fullest understanding.
How to cancel agreed appointments, you will learn here below:

Ingeneral, I would like to say the following about appointment cancellations:
On this point I thank you for an uncomplicated and human interaction.
I try to keep the treatment costs for my patients as low as possible.
Have you made an appointment and cannot keep it?
Then please take responsibility.
In the interest of other patients, cancel the appointment immediately, but at least 48 hours before the appointment.

PreferablyBEFORE 8:00 a.m.
this is important, because only then my team is able to reschedule. I usually start treatments at 8:30 am. During the day, the answering machine is only checked sporadically. It is easier to reschedule the appointment if there is a cancellation before 8:00 am.

I run an order-only practice. The appointment is fully reserved for you.
If I cannot reschedule the appointment, there will be a cost!
Surely you will also be pleased if you get an appointment for treatment in my practice as soon as possible.

By canceling your appointment in a timely manner, you give another patient a chance to be treated quickly.
(Because of the high volume of patients, I keep waiting lists and have automated many administrative matters. )

My practice is now very well organised and administrative matters such as scheduling, cancelling appointments, making appointments are now automated so that I can devote my full attention to my patients.

You have these options for cancellation:

  • Cancellation up to 48 hours in advance:
    you can cancel your appointment yourself by looking for the appointment cancellation link in the email you received for the appointment confirmation, it is located at the bottom of this email. Click on that link and cancel. Easy to do.
    For cancellations later than 48 hours before the appointment, you can leave a message on my answering machine.
  • for cancellations later than 48 hours in advance:
    At that time, the appointment cancellation must be made by phone with a message left on the answering machine at my office. At this time, your appointment cancellation is already subject to charges if we cannot reschedule the appointment.
    My team will try to reschedule the appointment. You will be informed by e-mail by 19:00 the previous day at the latest whether we have succeeded in rescheduling the appointment. If it is not possible to give the appointment reserved for you to another patient who is on my waiting list, you will be charged for the full amount of the appointment reserved for you. Of course, in this case you still have the possibility to come to the appointment, because it was reserved especially for you.

Cancellations later than 48 hours before the appointment must be made by telephone.
Only then is it guaranteed that your cancellation can be taken into account organizationally and that we can reschedule the appointment if necessary and that you will not incur any additional costs when rescheduling.

So that your cancellation can also be processed organisationally, the following applies WITHOUT EXCEPTION:

  • No cancellation by SMS
    we send an appointment reminder via SMS as a service for our patients.
    This SMS is sent from our system, there is NO physical cell phone involved. So if you reply to this appointment reminder via SMS to cancel your appointment, that SMS will not reach us! We will not be notified that you have cancelled your appointment, which will result in you being charged for the appointment. So please, just call, cancel appointment!
  • No cancellation by email
    Unless the cancellation link in your appointment confirmation email is still active. This is the case up to 48 hours before the appointment. Only then can you cancel the appointment yourself without incurring further costs.

Please understand that appointments that are not cancelled in time and correctly will be charged in full if the appointment reserved for you cannot be rescheduled. You will be informed by my team usually no later than 19:00 the day before whether the appointment could be given (you therefore no costs) or whether the appointment will be charged because we could not find a replacement at such short notice.


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Loving, attentive therapist with competence.
As soon as I arrived at the practice I felt very comfortable with my 5 week old son. This feeling of well-being continued during the treatment. Mrs. Wunsch's loving treatment of my son very quickly led to a relaxed state of being. I was also able to let go well during the treatment. My son no longer cries as much and the evening flatulence and screaming fits have subsided. Thank you!
We are looking forward to our next visit with Mrs. Wunsch"

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