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What are the emotional and psychological consequences of birth for the child in early childhood? Sonja Emge has explored this question in what I consider to be a successful
a successful and informative review.
I would especially like to recommend this text to parents of children who cry and scream a lot.

With the kind permission of the author, here is the full paper to read:

Birth trauma - emotional and psychological consequences for the child in early childhood

You can also find direct help on the subject of crying babies in crying outpatient clinics, for example the crying outpatient clinic of Menschenskinder in Darmstadt:


What contribution can osteopathy make in the treatment of crying babies? During birth, strong forces act on the baby. All tissues, but especially those of the head, are exposed to strong pressure. Osteopathic treatment can release compressed structures and relieve increased tension.
Especially the still very soft and malleable tissue structures of newborns and infants gratefully accept the gentle impulses of an osteopathic treatment.

For more information on what I can do for your newborn as an osteopath, click here: SCREAMING BABY


Michaela Wunsch