This video by French baby nurse Sonja Rochel went around the world and touched many people. It shows two newborns looking for each other in the bathtub and hugging each other as they did before in their mother's womb. For me, the two of them radiate trust and security above all.

For osteopathic treatment, the experiences and sensations of the children before, during and after birth are very important (see previous blog entry on birth trauma).

As an osteopath it is crucial for me to understand my little patients. The basis for this is, on the one hand, a sound knowledge of embryology and developmental physiology, but on the other hand, above all, empathy with the child's previous experiences.

In a twin pregnancy, in addition to the exchange with the mother and the environment, the newborn also has a direct encounter with the sibling: something very special!

Enjoy watching the video and best regards,

Michaela Wunsch