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Osteopathy (gr. osteon: bone, pathos: suffering)

Your body in balance
Osteopathy is a relatively young gentle manual therapy form in Germany. Contrary to what the root word suggests, the osteopathic approach to therapy encompasses not only the bones, but all tissues and organs of the human body. The aim of osteopathic treatment is to find and eliminate functional and movement restrictions in the body in order to restore the natural balance and thus activate the patient's self-healing powers. Osteopathy therefore does not treat diseases in the true sense of the word, but rather primarily treats movement disorders of the organ system. By health we understand a balance that our body wants to maintain (homeostasis). Through internal and external influences, such as accidents, operations, psychological stress, birth trauma, etc., the balance is also disturbed on a physiological level, which leads to functional disorders. Your body initially compensates for these dysfunctions by adopting gentle postures and other compensatory mechanisms. However, at some point its adaptability reaches its limits and even a small physical or psychological influence is enough to cause disproportionately strong reactions such as cramps, blockages and thus pain.

Life is movement

the whole body in flow


Everything has to be movable.
This means that every structure in the body needs maximum mobility. Movement is also understood in the sense of action, change, dynamics and vitality. Immobility leads to discomfort and ultimately to disease.

Structure & Form

are mutually dependent.


If the body structure is displaced or restricted, the function of the body also changes. By releasing the movement restrictions with his hands, the osteopath helps the body to correct dysfunctions. The function can return to normal and the symptoms disappear.

The human being as a unit

Osteopathy treats the human being as a unit


Osteopathy does not treat the disease or the symptom, but the person as a whole. All structures and functions form a functional unit and are interconnected. As a result, loss of function in one structure can cause pain in a completely different structure.

Self-healing powers

The body has the natural property to regenerate itself


Internal & external influences can cause the physical balance to be disturbed.
It is the aim of osteopathic treatment to stimulate the body's self-healing powers so that the body finds its inner balance again.