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The complaints you have may be due to functional disorders of the postural and locomotor system.

The consequences of these disorders can be restricted movement and pain as well as numbness and tingling sensations in the area of the spine and in the arms and legs.

In the case of disorders in the area of the cervical spine, neck pain, visual and hearing disorders, ringing in the ears, swallowing and voice disorders, sore throat, foreign body lump and tightness in the throat, sweating and sleep disorders may occur, as well as functional disorders of internal organs (e.g. digestive disorders).

Using various techniques and therapeutic hand movements from the fields of physiotherapy and manual medicine (mobilisations and/or manipulations), your osteopathic therapist can act on functional disorders of the postural and musculoskeletal system.

Possible risks of treatment by manual mobilization (handgrip technique, without impulse, to restore or improve the mobility of joints) and manipulation (handgrip technique, with impulse, to restore the mobility of joints in the spine, arms and legs, and ribs).

  • Treatments on the arms and legs may cause temporary muscle soreness.
  • If an undetectable herniated disc is activated by the targeted therapeutic handgrip, paralysis and functional disorders can occur.
  • In the case of existing herniated discs, nerves may be affected.
  • Injuries to the muscular inner wall of the arteries of the cervical spine can cause blood clots (thrombosis) to form, which can detach and occlude blood vessels (embolism), resulting in severe permanent damage to the brainstem.

Manipulation of the spine is reserved exclusively for doctors and alternative practitioners. Physiotherapists are not allowed to practice techniques that are reserved for physicians and alternative practitioners because of the difficulty and potential health risks involved. Physiotherapists are not permitted to manipulate the cervical spine.

As a matter of principle, no manipulations take place with babies!

If you experience any discomfort or discomfort during the treatment, please inform your therapist immediately. A temporary intensification of the pre-existing discomfort for a few hours up to one day is possible and can be considered harmless.

After a treatment on the spine, you should only leave the practice after about 20 minutes.

This is especially true if you are actively participating in road traffic.

The osteopathic treatment techniques in the area of the cervical spine and the spinal column can be classified as much gentler than techniques from chiropractic, since the osteopathic techniques represent a much lower mechanical load, especially for the cervical vertebral artery and intervertebral discs.

If there is a problem in the area of the connective tissue (fascia), it may be that techniques are used from the fascia distortion model, which may possibly be painful when performed. The consequences can be the appearance of bruises, reddening of the skin and/or muscle soreness. These usually disappear within a few days. These techniques are only performed on adults.

For legal reasons, it is pointed out that the naming of the exemplary listed areas of application can of course not be a promise of healing or the guarantee of a relief or improvement of listed disease states. The areas of application are based on knowledge and experience in the therapeutic direction presented here (osteopathy) itself. Not for each area exists a relevant number of secured scientific findings, i.e. evidence-based studies, which prove the effect or therapeutic efficacy.


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finally sleeping relaxed through the night again
My son only screamed for the first few weeks. I have to admit that it was very hard on our nerves. Thanks to Mrs. Wunsch and 5 osteopathic treatments, the little one is now really relaxed, no longer cries so much and also dad and mum can now relax again. Thank you, dear Mrs. Wunsch. We are looking forward to the next visit!


very sensitive, empathic - simply recommendable!
Our little daughter Lena had a very stressful birth. We came to Mrs. Wunsch's practice with KISS syndrome. Today, after 6 treatments in a row, Lena is relaxed, awake and takes an active part in family life! Many, many thanks!


Wow, thanks!
Our twins, Jakob & Sophie, really kept us on our toes the first few weeks after they were born. Gas, spitting up, endless crying was the order of the day. Thanks to Mrs Wunsch's experience and her loving, gentle manner, calm has now returned to our family routine. We are looking forward to our next visit!

Hans & Katrin


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