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Osteopathic treatments are multifaceted. They offer the possibility for all age groups and many life situations to activate their own self-healing powers.

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Frau Wunsch has the gift of touching exactly those areas in the body that want/need it. To ask exactly the question that send you into reflection, to also go inside steps that really "work holistically", because something becomes freer or more conscious. I had severe back pain and already had countless treatments. Only after the bodywork session with Mrs. Wunsch, it was like an "avalanche" that started rolling - psychically - emotionally - ... in the next few days it dissolved physically and I was free of pain for a long time ...".


Experienced, competent and attentive osteopath.
Michaela Wunsch draws from a wealth of experience and has very good empathy. She practices a gentle healing method, showing a high level of sensitivity. Her treatment promotes the body's own healing process and serves the holistic body balance. Due to my experience of different treatment methods, I am glad that I have found an extremely competent osteopath in Michaela Wunsch. The health insurance companies should support this sufficiently!"


Loving, attentive therapist with competence.
As soon as I arrived at the practice I felt very comfortable with my 5 week old son. This feeling of well-being continued during the treatment. Mrs. Wunsch's loving treatment of my son very quickly led to a relaxed state of being. I was also able to let go well during the treatment. My son no longer cries as much and the evening flatulence and screaming fits have subsided. Thank you!
We are looking forward to our next visit with Mrs. Wunsch"


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The basis of every treatment is a detailed anamnesis. Only from this can efficient and adapted to the needs of the patient treatment arise. Come to my practice for an initial consultation.

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