a brief overview of the principles of osteopathy

In osteopathy there are 3 systems to be differentiated

All 3 systems are interconnected on various levels and influence each other.

During the osteopathic examination & treatment, all 3 systems are taken into account and impulses are set that lead to the harmonisation of the entire system.

ARTE - Documentary

Osteopathy - Healing with the hands

Source: © ARTE - Title: Osteopathy - Healing with the hands | Docu | ARTE - Documentary by Antje Christ (D 2019, 53 min).

For legal reasons, it is pointed out that the naming of the exemplary listed areas of application can of course not be a promise of healing or the guarantee of a relief or improvement of listed disease states. The areas of application are based on knowledge and experience in the therapeutic direction presented here (osteopathy) itself. Not for each area exists a relevant number of secured scientific findings, i.e. evidence-based studies, which prove the effect or therapeutic efficacy.

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