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If a baby cries frequently, this can have many causes. Osteopathy for crying babies tries to find and eliminate the causes of crying babies. If a newborn baby cries unusually much in the first months, it is possibly a KISS syndrome.

The KISS syndrome

The upper cervical joint-induced symmetry disorder (abbreviated KISS), which is often diagnosed by paediatricians, is a movement disorder of the upper cervical spine, which was also called torticollis in the past, and often causes complaints and abnormalities in newborns.

There are usually 2 variants of Kiss syndrome:

  1. KISS 1: here the upper cervical joint and cervical vertebrae are so displaced and blocked that it is painful for the newborn to turn and tilt the head to one side.
  2. KISS 2: here the upper cervical joint and cervical vertebrae are also displaced or blocked, in this case the child overextends the head backwards because of the pain.

The pressure on the baby's head before or during birth may have caused a malposition in the cervical spine, resulting in tension in the head and neck area.

When you come to my practice, I carefully feel with my hands whether the bones of your child's skull and spine are in the normal position.

Kiss syndrome Complaints

  • head tilt

  • persistent crying (cry baby)

  • asymmetric skull form

  • Asymmetry of the eyes

  • Hyperextension (overextension: C-shape)

  • Sensitivity at the back of the head (e.g. when dressing and undressing)

  • prone indisposition

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • one-sided breastfeeding position

  • Skipping developmental stages ("crawling" is omitted)

  • Immaturity of the hip joints

  • malpositioning of the feet

Kiss syndrome - Causes

Kiss syndrome is more common when a vacuum cup or forceps was used at birth. The same applies to multiple births, caesarean sections or transferred babies.

Ideally, the children manage to compensate for the malpositions and the displacements of the cranial bones balance themselves out again after birth. If this is not the case, these symptoms can be significantly alleviated or disappear completely through early osteopathic diagnosis and treatment. In addition, possible consequential damage in pre-school and primary school children can be prevented.

In this case, the principle applies: the earlier the newborn comes to the osteopath, the better.


If the KISS syndrome is not treated, the infant usually reacts with compensation, in the final stage of which the child usually develops the more or less pronounced KIDD syndrome.(Upper Cervical Induced Dysgnosiaand Dyspraxia)

An untreated kiss syndrome can lead to these consequential damages:

  • Hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD and ADHDS)

  • Lack of concentration

  • writing and reading difficulties

  • Posture problems (children often stumble, are "clumsy")

  • Headache, migraine

  • Perceptual disorders

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey!

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